I am Prateek

A full-stack web developer based in India.


Get to Know Me.

I'm a full-stack web developer, currently serving as an Associate Software Engineer - Product at Lentra AI, where I specialize in Angular development. My tech stack extends beyond my day job, encompassing technologies like Next.js, Nest.js (with Fastify or Express), and even some experience with Supabase, among other tools.

When I'm not immersed in code, you'll likely find me immersed in a different kind of challenge - losing repeatedly at Sekiro.


My Professional Experience.

Lentra AI

Assosciate Software Engineer - Product

Advanced Angular technology and system efficiency. Optimized architecture with robust framework and documentation. Strengthened security with frontend encryption. Created real-time data visualization with live graphs. Key player in developing critical application features.

Lentra AI

Full Stack Developer - Intern

Collaboratively developed the LMS frontend, utilizing Angular, PostgreSQL, and Java.